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Wardrobe Essentials: Save, Crave, Investment #3

A few years back, I had a come to jesus moment when it came to my every day wardrobe. I found that my typical uniform consisted of jeans, a (nice) t-shirt, and a blazer or a cardigan. The thing was, I started to find that the basic T-shirts that I was buying, were getting more and more expensive, and they were so thin that they wouldn't really hold up after only a few wears. Yes, I'm talking about those annoying holes that you inevitably get around your pants button the second that you put your shirt on.

I was always adverse to silk blouses, because I thought that they were only for special occasion wear. But, the fact is, a good blouse can be worn with everything from boyfriend jeans, to a pencil skirt, to a ball gown and they aren't that much more than a nice cotton shirt. The bonus is, they will last forever! Seriously, I'm always bummed that I can't get another, because the ones I've owned for years still look brand new. A lot of them are even washable, and nothing ads a touch of instant glamour to any outfit like a beautiful silk blouse. Right now, I am loving anything and everything that is emerald and blush, and after seeing this inspiration, you will see why. 

Hands down, there is no other blouse out there that beats the quality and cut that the company Equipment produces. Not only are they crave worthy, but they will last a lifetime. I don't own one piece of clothing that I wear more than my one in blush/ peach, and I love the simplicity that it brings to any look. While not the same quality, the save versions fit the bill and are 10,000 times better than any T-shirt out there! (No holes included ;)

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