Unplanned {but necessary} Double Bathroom Makeover.

Let's talk about bathrooms for a minute. Up until a few days ago, I'm pretty sure I had two of the most boring bathrooms on the planet. Boring, but totally functional. I had been wanting to do something in each of them, right after we re-did the paint in our master, but they were bathrooms, and really, who cares? After the construction nightmare we just went through a few months ago, the last thing I wanted in my house was more painters, and more disruption. But, each, equally have been driving me nuts, and on a whim, starting Sunday, I decided to do something about it. I began with the upstairs bath (the 6th image down) and finished up with what will now be the boy's bath, during an unexpected 9 hour black out yesterday (hence my lack of posting.) I'm still waiting on all the accessories, before I can give you a proper "after" but here is a little bit of the progress that I made over the last few days. 

First, starting with the boy's bath... my most hated room in our house. I finally took the plunge and decided to faux wallpaper the room with those bumble stamps I found on Pinterest. From the minute the first stamp was placed, I knew I was going to love the outcome. Mapping out the grid was a pain and a half, but the end result is so fantastic, I am kicking myself for not doing it earlier. I'm not going to lie, not every bee is perfect, but I'm pretty sure I am the only one who can tell where the mess ups are, and for 20 $, I couldn't be more thrilled with the final results. Behold my faux hand painted wallpaper!

So awesome, right? Once I was done, I was kind of at a loss with what do with the rest of the room. The gold bees are obviously very feminine, and once the boys become roomies this is going to be their bathroom, so I definitely wanted to make it more masculine, but also fun. I decided to draw inspiration from the 70's and considering that the bees look like old wallpaper, I tried to think of what a boys bathroom would look like in that decade. You know, what happens when teenage boys take over a room, that is already covered in Mom's floral wallpaper? That is the vibe I was going for, and with these accessories (all under 100 bucks!) I'm pretty sure this is now going to be my new favorite room in the house. 

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S, inspired by the boy's bathroom makeover, I knew our upstairs bath/ guest was next on my list. Originally, it was painted this kind of boring tan, that the rest of the house used to be done in, and I knew that first I wanted to lighten things up a bit. I picked a white(ish) paint that looks almost marshmallow, and decided to stick with a more grown up look, one that would complement the bedding that will be going in the guest. Of course, I had to add a little bit of whimsy, and after I found that brother poster on Etsy, I knew it had to be in there. On Sunday, the Little Man and I painted the whole room (2 coats!) during Gray's nap, and I can't believe how different the space looks, just by lightening it up a few shades! Here is the room before, with the plan down below. 

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 Now, you know after I stamped out the bathroom, I couldn't stop with just one room... it was too good. After questioning whether I should do the whole house, I wisely decided to stick with one wall, and stamped out the wall that greets you when you first walk in to our home. It adds just the right amount of kitch, and even my husband likes the after better. Shocking, I know ;)

What do you think? I am in looooovvvvveeeeeee. Who knew you could do so much with a ruler, a laser leveler, and a stamp? Once these last few rooms get done, I can finally say that I am happy with every inch of our home. It really is amazing the difference a 100 dollars can make, when combined with a little elbow grease! 

I'll be sure to post the after as soon as everything comes in. Our poor UPS man, he probably thinks I'm stalking him, given how I run to the truck every time he drives by!