The Time I Accidentally Turned Myself in to a Brunette.

Sometime around my last birthday, I decided I was in a mood for a change. Yes, I know I just cut all my hair off, but given that I liked it so much, it didn't really feel that much like a change; more like a necessary improvement. I've had the same blondish hair my entire life (except for a year in college when I visited the dark side) and I have been toying with the idea of attempting ombre locks for some time now. I know, I know, some people say this look has come and gone, but I find myself actually liking it more and more as time goes by. I figured that at 34, my time for a more extreme hairstyle is coming close to an end, so better to try it now, instead of wishing I did it a few years from now. Besides, the idea of low root maintenance throughout the Summer was very, very enticing. 

So, I went for it. 

My before blonde.. the same blonde I've had forever. 

The look I was going for, a more subdued ombre. 

I thought I could just lighten my ends, keeping my crown the same, but my hairdresser said we would have to go a little darker. Actually, more than a "little darker" because some of the initial dark would fade out. He then said he wanted to only bleach the ends slightly, in case I hated it, noting that we could always add more later. (As in another appointment.)

You all know where this is going... don't you.

We died my roots darker, pulled the brown through a bit, and with a second process we barely bleached the ends. Technically, my hair is "ombre" but it's a brown with a light brown fade, and not all that noticeable.  I quickly learned you have to be a bit brave when going for this look, and if you aren't ready to commit the first time, you will be making a second appointment. 

Mine is Wednesday.

 My ends most definitely need to be lighter. A lot lighter. But not too light, because that would be "too much." Honestly, the whole thing has me in a tailspin. It could turn out awesome, or I just ruined my hair. We will have to wait until Wednesday afternoon to find out which is which. Until then, there is a lot of baseball cap, ponytail action going on around here. 

Since I have no shame, you all can see for yourself what I am talking about. 

The "after" my dark brownish, light brownish not so ombre, ombre. Here are a few of dozen a selfies that I sent to my sister ALL WEEKEND long, looking for advice. 

(double ombre)

(not ombre + after skate helmet hair)

There you have it. If you are going to go ombre, you can't be a chicken. I am hopeful that I am going to love the end result (at this point it's not like I have a choice... right?) I think with the top fading a bit, and the ends lightened, I will have the exact look I wanted. Whether I can pull it off, is a different story entirely. 

... stay tuned. 

P.S. I have to note that my bestie M, told me this was not my greatest idea. I know, M, I know... there may be some need for drinks Wednesday night! Eek.