The Teacher and The Student.

 In my attempt to stay relevant to my little skate rats, you all know that I have decided to take up skateboarding. I quickly have learned that 1) my kid makes it look easy, 2) it is really hard, and 3) grown women look really really awkward when they are learning. I discovered the last one by looking at videos that the LM loves to take of me, to show me how proud he is my effort. You all are about to learn number three, for yourselves, and all I ask, is that when you see me around town, that you don't laugh at me... for too long ;). My skate career seems to just be beginning, because the LM loves skating with "skater mom" so much, I swear I will do this as long as he will let me, or until I break something. 

Here is the teacher.

... and his goofy student.

Those videos were taken a few weeks ago, and since then, the LM has again progressed with his skating. This video is from last weekend.

I tell you what, I'm afraid to see what this kid will attempt when he's 6! All I can say, is that I am NEVER trying that!