The Best Denim Shorts EVER *From a Surprising Place*

 One of the most random questions that I always get asked, is where to find a great pair of denim shorts that 1) are age appropriate, and 2) aren't that expensive. I'm not sure if I get asked this because I have the greatest pair on earth (and soon you will too) or if it's because I'm the kind of person who should know that kind of stuff... but either way, I've got the answer!

A few years back my sister bought what will forever be referred to as the "perfect denim short." When she lived with us, we would literally fight over them, and I still mourn their untimely death (which luckily was not on my watch.) The most surprising thing about these shorts was that they were from American Eagle, and they ran about 40$. I don't know about you, but I always considered this a place for tweens, and definitely did not think they would carry things suitable for a woman in her 30's-40's. Turns out that they do, and you can actually find some great deals on Spring/ Summer clothes. 

A few years back, they discontinued the "perfect denim short," but luckily they replaced it with some equally crave worthy options, all in varying lengths. I typically go for the medium length, and the trick is that the cuff is not sewn, so you can absolutely pull it down if you feel the goodies are on display a little too much. For me, Costa Rica = cuff up, and Class Picnic = cuff down. That flexibility is what makes these, truly, the best denim shorts out there. Below are my favorites, at varying lengths. There are plenty more colors and styles on their website.

It's shorts season, people... that means Summer is almost here!!!!!!!