Ombre... SUCCESS!

 After the Ombre that wasn't last week, I was a little nervous going in to today's appointment. I had this photo in hand, and was fully committed to the look. Go big or go home, they say. 

After a quick bleaching of my ends, I left the salon looking like this. 

Ombre success!!! In person, it's a little more dramatic, but I love that it isn't so over the top that I will look crazy when dropping off my kids at school. As much as I would like to be a rock star, I realize that I am not. 

 To get the look, my hairdresser did this cool trick where he teased all my ends, and only bleached a small section of the leftover hair. This keeps it from getting a straight line of bleach, and helps it to look a little more nature. Err as natural as ombre can look. 

I could not be happier with the final result, and I am so happy that I was brave enough to go for it. The best part? No root maintenance through the Summer. Super double bonus!!!!

Are any of you trying out any new looks? Tis the Season!!!