Help! Barcelona Tips Needed!


 My husband travels globally, quite a bit for work, and sometimes I am lucky enough to join him. I think he used to dread having me in tow, thinking it would take away from what he actually needed to get done, but over our last couple of trips, I guess that I have proven myself, because now the man prefers to have me come along! I know for a fact, this has nothing to do with my sunny demeanor, but rather, my obsessiveness over creating a memorable trip, and the tables have turned, and he actually gets disappointed when I can't join him. Read: I find awesome restaurants, and good hotels, stay out of his way, and force him to leave his hotel. You know, actually travel!

We were both slated to go to Barcelona in June, and were considering taking the LM, but now the trip was cut to down to only three days, and we didn't feel it would really be worth the trouble to both leave the boys for such a short period of time. So, I'm staying behind, and yet, I've still been given the task of planning out the perfect trip. A trip that I won't get to experience. This time. 

I know very little about the city, so I would most definitely appreciate any advice you all have. I'm just looking for a few amazing restaurants, and a great boutique style hotel near the convention center. Any and all unique dining experiences would also be divine. I don't have much to give in return, but I will post down below, some of the finds from our last few trips. I'm working on a post about where we go in Costa Rica, for those of you who have asked, and I'm hoping to have it up next week. 

Any advice you have will be put to great use! 

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