Coming off of a long weekend, I was less than thrilled to find out that the LM had pink eye, today, as I was dropping him off at school!!! (GAH, I thought he just had allergies)  Luckily, after a dose or two of drops, he seems to be on the up and up, and now I can't stop scratching my eyes. I'm hoping is this just phantom pain, but I have the sneaking suspicion this one may make the rounds. I guess this is just what we get for somehow avoiding for the last 6 years??? Just another day with life with littles, right?

I realized that I never shared our pictures from our trip to Texas, and this seems like as good as time as any. Of course, when we were in town, they had a random cold front come through, but in Texas terms, that means it was like Summer for us. The rest is a little of what we have been up to since we'e been back. Hope you enjoy!

{ready for takeoff} 

{the most epic bubble bath; ever}

{why do I have the feeling someone will be asking for a dog sometime soon?}

{obligatory running through sprinklers}

{first skinned knee... and sunburn}

{an empty pool, in the middle of April, that wouldn't give you hypothermia? Dorthy, we are definitely not in Kansas any more}

{and, I'm never cutting their hair}

{this is how excited the Clover food truck makes Gray}

{not to be out done by their love of bacon. I'm pretty sure the desire only increases when your parents don't eat meat!}

{loving Ben Harper and time with friends you don't see nearly enough!}

{and, of course, Spring in Boston}

{I mean...}

{we're number.... um 1?}  eek. This is what happens when you spend an inordinate amount of time in a skate shop. 

{Gray doesn't care that it was only 60 degrees out, if there is water, he will go} Notice how he was the only one. 

{Don't poke the pirate!}