Wardrobe Essentials: Save, Crave, Investment #2

 Is there anything in your wardrobe that is more timeless and functional than a black blazer? The answer, of course, is absolutely not. I would have thought that this was an absolute essential item for any woman's wardrobe, but after peeking through a few of my friends closets, I was surprised to find that this wasn't the case. If you are one of those people, go out and get one... now! Heck, get two. Okay, kidding... (sort of) but in all seriousness, there isn't one item that you own that will be more versatile than a great black blazer. If you don't own one, you should. It will make getting dressed every day that much easier. 

Now, I'm not talking about just taking the top from your work suit, and calling it a day. This is not that black blazer. Rather, I'm talking about that perfect piece of outerwear, that can be layered over, and under, which adds just enough polish to make any outfit look more sophisticated, and pulled together. Bonus points go to ones with a more visual interest, like (eek) shoulder pads, leather (faux or real) details, and/or a boyfriend or tuxedo cut. 

This one piece can be paired with every.single.item in your wardrobe. Every item? Yes, every item. Jeans (skinny and flared)? Yes. Black pants, for a night out? Yes. Shorts, leather, lace, linen, denim, printed? Yes x5. Cargo pants, leather pants, skirts (maxi and short)? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. You get the idea. 

Need some more convincing... 

See what I'm talking about? A black blazer with some interest = wardrobe perfection, every time. 

Want the look? Here are a few favorites of mine.

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(this one is also great)

 I would do some pretty evil things to get my hands on that investment one, but I have to admit, my trusty black blazer that I bought at Zara almost four years ago, still serves it's purpose every time. Which just goes to show how timeless this piece really is.  If you are on the fence, you won't be once you put it on for the 3,000th time. 

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