Weekend Links.

Confession: I didn't post yesterday because, after getting It's All Good on Wednesday, I found myself re-creating 8 different recipes with the LM, and you know what? It's not all good... it's all AMAZING. The vegan brownies, the sweet potato muffins, the sriracha salmon, mango/ avocado salad, quinoa and kale scramble, lentil salad, the portabella mushrooms with asparagus, the beets, oh mah gawd, I am #obsessed with this cookbook. I'm not going to lie, I don't buy into the whole gluten free thing, and substituted whole wheat flour, but there are so many amazing recipes in this damn book, I could not be more of a satisfied customer. The whole book is supposed to be shocking to your system, but considering we are pescetarians who are {almost} vegans, due to Gray's dairy allergy, I just found it to be incredibly awesome, and after dogearing the entire book, I haven't been this inspired to cook in a long time. Bonus: the kids have loved everything so far (except the salmon, because of the spice) and I haven't even cracked the kids food section (yes, it amazingly has that too.) I'm hoping to try out some of those recipes this weekend. #reallyfreakingobsessed. Other than that, we don't have a lot planned. The weather looks awesomely, Spring like, and I see quite a bit of bike rides, and skate outings in our future. (That is if I can break away from the kitchen ;))

Here are some fun links from around the web, if you are in a blog reading mood! Hope you all have a good one!

I can't even deal with this news. No more Charlie on GIRLS? I cry.

Perfect (easy!) Spring/ Summer hair.

How secure is your password? It would take .5 seconds to crack mine. Oops!

My little man, dropping bombs.

Great, great belts.

I am obsessing over this skirt, after seeing this picture. If I have a 100 dollar gift card, would I really be breaking my no-shopping challenge. Hmmmmm

No more" redshirting" in NYC. I feel this really is doing a disservice to kids, especially those with summer birthdays. As you know, we ran in to this last year, and is sadly, why we had to chose an independent school. This makes a great case for re-ealuating what should be expected of kindergartners

This article had me crying in my soup yesterday, I can't imagine how hard it was for her to leave. 

My best friend is doing an amazing run, for a great cause! If you can, please help the MS society!

This was the arsenal that Adam Lanza had access too. I just can't understand why this is legal. 

For those of you with tweens in the house, you have to read this. This is why kids + technology is so scary. 

This had me laughing out loud! Poor Gwyneth. {Not really}

This sweet little boy is looking for a home. Please spread the word. 

Warby Parker is coming to Boston! This is perhaps the greatest thing that will ever happen to this glasses lover. 

This packing list, for travel, is pure genius.

P.S. Word is it's going to be almost 70 on Tuesday! This news makes me want to jump up and down for the next 3 days!!!!

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