Finished Bedroom Makeover. (For Real)

 I know, I know, a few weeks back I posted pictures of the new paint in our bedroom, and declared "I'm done" but after seeing the room on the blog, all I could think is that I needed more color, and more editing. I'm not going to lie, I obsessed about it more than one should for the afternoon! I just so happened to stumble on some great pillows from Furbish, the same day, and then the suzani, and well, if you give a mouse a cookie ... she's going to end up re-decorating the bedroom. 

Honestly, it really didn't take much. A great throw, some mounted horns, a switch of paper in my DIY tray, I am so proud of, and, well, I finally feel as though I can (finally) say "I'm done," and really mean it. Or, as my husband would say, if you add one more "layer" to this room, I'm moving out. (Geesh, men really don't get layers, do they?)

In all seriousness,  I really couldn't be happier with the final result, and the best part is that every inch of this room, couldn't be more "us."I feel as though we are both equally represented in this space (which is sometimes hard to do in a master) and I feel as though the room has that eclectic, california vibe that I am always drawn to in magazines. In short, I LOVE it!

Here is {another} look at my new favorite room in the house... I promise, this time will be the last. ;)