Hello, friends... I'm finally back. The kids and I spent last week in Texas visiting my mom, and arrived much later than expected on Wednesday night/ Thursday morning (thank you Congress and that air traffic controller nightmare) which meant everyone was home from school Thursday, and I had to spend the weekend playing catchup. You know the drill. On Friday, thankfully, I was able to get a chance to go down and visit the memorial that was created for the victims of the Marathon bombing before it was taken away. Being away from home while all the madness was going on was really hard for me, but being back in the city, and seeing the beautiful outpouring of love, really did help being some closure. I find that there are very few times in life, when you can be with complete strangers, and know that they are feeling the exact same emotions as you are. For me, this was one of those moments. Being a few weeks removed, I still feel so much anger and sadness. Four people lost their lives, one child, hundreds were changed forever, the culprits are either dead or in jail, and one of the most amazing events that this city offers, will never be the same again. It seems like it was all for nothing. No message was sent, there is no one else to go after, no group to target, life just keeps on moving forward, and it just breaks my heart that so many had to give up their lives so senselessly. The whole thing is such a tragedy, such a waste of life, just like what happened in Newtown. Clearly, there are no real answers. I, like most of you, am having a heard time coming to grips with the evil in this world. 

When I was down in Copley square, I took a few pictures of the memorial. At first I thought it would be in bad taste to share something that is so personal to this city, but then I thought that there is no better way to show how Boston is honoring those who were harmed. I think it is a beautiful tribute, only matched by kindness of those who have donated their time and money, to try to bring some normalcy back to those who lost so much. If you'd like to help as well, please consider donating to The One Fund. 

I'll be back to blogging tomorrow, with the usual frivolity, but I just wanted to take today to continue to mourn so much that was lost. #bostonstrong