April 15.

 This is how my kids spent the morning of Marathon Monday. Playing in the Boston Common, having a picnic two blocks from the finish line. My sister watched them while I went to the gym on Boylston street. On my way to meet them, I tried to stop at Sugar Heaven to get them lollipops. Frustrated, that I was "stuck" on the other side of the street, in the scaffolding, I gave up and met them around the corner, less than one block away from where the explosion occurred. This was at 1 pm. Two hours later, I received frantic texts from my best friend who lives 2 streets away from the blast, making sure we had left the site. We were lucky, we were home. Across the river, it was business as usual. Gray was napping, Liam was playing with a friend in his room. I was stressing because I had so much laundry to do before we leave for Texas on Wednesday. We had absolutely no idea what had just happened to our City. 

We were completely safe, we made it out unscathed, and yet, all night, all I could think is that we somehow had just barely escaped. I can't even grasp that my children were playing less than 100 feet from where someone was setting up a bomb. When were were there, this thought couldn't have been farther from my mind, and now I can't imagine ever walking downtown without thinking about it.    That someone would target civilians like this, kids in the candy shop next door, I feel like this is something I can't even wrap my head around, it is beyond comprehension.

Honestly, right now, the whole thing is so surreal. This is the kind of stuff that happens somewhere else. To other people. We watch and we cry, and we try to help, but I have no idea what to do when this happens in your city. There isn't one part of one day that we don't go down to that area. Our life is there, and I am so sick that someone would target something that is so special. So "Boston." I am just so sad, so afraid, so concerned for all of those who were injured, who saw what happened, for all those kids who, like mine, who went to sleep last night talking about the "explosion." Wanting to know if they are safe. I really don't know what to say, when you can't say, "don't worry, it happened really far away." We were right there. We have spent countless hours in that exact spot. We were attacked. I never thought it would happen. Not here, and certainly not now. 

Thank you to all of you who reached out to us, making sure we are okay. Boston is an amazing community and we will absolutely get through this, although I can't imagine things ever being the same again. My family and I are leaving for Texas tomorrow, but I'll try to get back here to post on how you can help. Right now I know they are in need of blood in the city. If you can, please donate today. 

Our thoughts are with all our friends and neighbors, fellow Bostonians, my son's schoolmates, those first responders, and, of course, everyone who was injured, who saw what happened. Those heroes who ran towards the explosion, to try to help, you are proof that good is better than evil. Visible evidence that they will never win.  

(Image from a friends Facebook page. This was minutes before the attack.)