Weekend Links.

 Whoa! Is it Saturday already? In the middle of the jungle, the days can really get away from you! My apologies for the late post!

Tomorrow, my hubby and I begin our trek back to Boston, and soon things will be back to business as usual. I think the thing I am going to miss most from this trip, is the incredibly self indulgent mornings that I have quickly grown accustomed to, these past seven days. Because we are creatures of habit, every day begins with a wake up kiss and cup of coffee from my husband, at exactly 7:15, as he races out the door to surf. I quickly hop out of bed, throw on my shorts, sunscreen and flip flops, and grab my coffee and iPod as I head out the door. Just my coffee and iPod. I then begin my daily 30 minute hike, literally through the jungle, until I reach my destination, a luxurious 90 minute yoga class, in an open air structure, perched high above the rainforest. After class ends, I am able to chat with my fellow yogis, before my quick walk back through the jungle, which leads to me breakfast with my husband consisting of the best fish I've ever had, perfectly paired with beans and rice. 

I can't even being to compare how different this is from my usual frantic, rushed, morning routine of trying to get the kids fed, dressed, lunches made, all while refereeing battles and keeping one eye on the clock. You know the drill. I guess that is why vacation is so wonderful. A true break from life, and your daily reality, does wonders for the mind and body, and I can only hope that I am able to keep some of the zen(ness) with me, once we go back to real life. Who am I kidding, I'd just be happy to being back some of the sun and 80 degree temperatures!

Alas, Summer will be here before we know it. Until then here are a few links from around the web to help keep the dream of long days, and hot nights alive... even in snow covered Boston. 

Every afternoon, around this time, my husband and I like to play a game called "how much would you pay for a Cafe Du Monde iced coffee?" I think the final bill is up to $125.00. We will be back with the kids this Summer, for a month, and we are determined to be prepared next time around. 3 cans of this + this + a blender and ice should do the trick! 

We have this salad almost every night of the week during the Summer. It never fails to be every guest's favorite new recipe! The sweetness of the watermelon, paired with the saltiness of the feta will haunt you all season long.

This claims to combine my two favorite things, wine and ice cream. I have to get my hands on some!

Although it's not really related to Summer, this made me laugh out loud. I agree with the commenter that at this point you are best off lighting a match!

Can it please be warm enough to wear this? What a perfect date outfit.

If we ever build a Costa Rica house, my only requirement will be that it has this in the garden. Can you even imagine?

DVF partnered with Roxy for an affordable swimsuit line. Cute!

How great would this taste on a hot day? Even better if you had a porch swing to sit on.

Totally off topic, but my husband and I became obsessed with House of Cards on Netflix, since we've been down here, and sadly have already burned through season 1! Claire Underwood is my new style icon, and it has been decided that the day I turn 50 I am stealing her haircut. Polished perfection.

Beautiful summery makeup. That is all ;)

ThIS is definitely on my summer wish list. The only problem is narrowing down a color!

Finally, the other day I was at Whole Foods with Gray, looking up a recipe on Pinterest, while texting the LM's skateboard instructor, and the gentleman who was supervising the construction in our home, when a 70 (ish) year old lady came up to me, and (assuming I was his baby sitter) told me that, "his mom probably wouldn't approve of my phone use with him." I wish I could have replied with this, although I'm not sure I could have been so eloquent. I can guarantee you that if there was a recipe book in my cart, she probably would have applauded my multi tasking. 

(Photo via here)