Weekend Links.

Well, hello there Friday! Where did you come from? Is it just me, or did this feel like a really short week? With my husband still out of town, I'm afraid that this weekend won't go by quite so quickly, but the boys were very happy this morning when I announced that in three more sleeps he would be back! Don't feel too sorry for him though, the hotel he is staying at looks like a palace, and his severe jet lag worked to my advantage last night, when I was able to talk to him for about a half hour at 4 am, his time. I just kept saying, "I can't believe you are on the other side of the world!" Honestly, it sounded like he was on his cell down the street!

Given that my son is a whore for any and every holiday, this weekend we have quite a few Easter egg hunts on the agenda, along with the traditional dying of the eggs. The weather looks beautiful this weekend, so I'm praying for quite a bit of outside time, to help wear off all the jelly beans I just picked up at Target. ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, here are a few links from around the web to kick off your sugar filled weekend! 

For those of you who are expecting, I think this is the perfect shirt/ dress to move you in to spring and summer! I still wear my Hatch pieces all the time! (P.S. my best friend is pregnant with her 4th!!!! and I honestly could not be more excited! I feel like I'm living vicariously through her pregnancy!)

This laptop holder is at the tip top of my birthday wish list!

Now that the LM is going to be wearing ties to school, I need to learn how to tie one... and quick! This cheat sheet is great!

Closet porn... because it never gets old.

Speaking of Suzani fabric, how insane is this paddle board? Gorgeous!

I am absolutely making this light switch for my star wars obsessed dude! All you need is a sharpie!

It's been a big week for marriage, I really hope the court doesn't shy away from this one! I have loved seeing all the posts from "friends" on Facebook about equality. It's about time.

I don't have a problem with my kids having access to technology. As far as I'm concerned it is just another "toy" in our house. I'm happy to see I'm not the only one. 

I made these a few nights ago, and sadly, will be making them again tonight.... because they are all gone! Yes, they are as easy to make as they look, and they taste even better. (I found if you freeze them overnight, they are even more delicious!)

I just ordered this book, and am so excited to start reading it. I hope it's as funny as it promises. 5 boys? Yikes!

For those of you, like me, who feel as though there is a hole in your soul now that GIRLS is on hiatus. This tumblr keeps the dream alive. 

Finally, I try to not get too political on here, but last night I happened to catch a clip of the Rachel Maddow show, and it renewed the sense of outrage that I felt after the shootings in Newtown. That was less than 100 days ago, and I feel as though everyone has already forgotten those poor babies that died that day. I simply cannot fathom why we as a society are not fighting for stricter gun control laws. It seems as though most gun owners are even okay with more regulation. I am so disgusted my what is happening in Congress right now, and I just wish there was more we could do to fight, as parents, as citizens, as human beings, against a lobby that is simply promoting unlimited access to weapons that actually cause mass destruction and death. I think it's important to keep talking about that day. To keep remembering. To keep fighting. I encourage you to watch this segment and get angry, and then try to do something to stop the violence. 

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