Weekend Links.

This is one week that I happy to say goodbye to! Between the construction, a surgery I had Wednesday that turned out to be a little more major than minor, and general every day stuff with the kids, I want to scream TGIF at the top of my lungs! I can't believe it, but in less that 48 hours, my hubby and I will be on a plane, to Costa Rica... WITH NO CHILDREN.

 Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Our long list of plans include drinking cocktails at 8pm at night IN A BAR, reading on the beach WITH NO INTERRUPTIONS, sleeping and surfing AS MUCH AS WE WANT, eating and FEEDING OURSELVES FIRST, and taking long walks with no where to go, and NO ONE TO PUSH. Can you tell I'm excited to go? :) 

Don't you worry, I'll be bringing my trusty computer with me, and you can bet I'll be back on the blog, checking in from adult paradise! Until then, here are some links to kick off your weekend! I hope you all can get in some kid- free time yourselves!

I completely went dark in our room (pictures to follow) and I turned out amazing! Best decision ever! This is the picture that sold me on the color!

At the last minute, I even went for a black closet, which is now my favorite part of our home. This black accent wall is a great idea for those of you who are afraid of dark colors! I love how crisp it makes the bedding look!

Genius! Adult capri sun if you freeze overnight in a sandwich bag and stick in a straw!

I'm hoping our new tile has this same effect! Now, if it could only get here and be magically installed. The thought of more construction makes my stomach turn!

How cute are these for Easter dinner? These treats are also pretty awesome, and look really easy to make. (This is coming from a non-baker too!)

Poor Gray is still allergic to dairy. As a treat I'm going to make this for him when I get back.

I love everything about this post, but it's that boot/ short combo that I am definitely going to copy for Spring!

This blew my mind, and now I can't get enough coconut oil in our house! Is this all true? Do any of you swear by it?

I am so excited for our trip, I can't really put it into words. This comes close

Lastly, I FINALLY joined the world of Instagram and am obsessed! You can follow me here!

Happy Friday!

(Photo via my Pinterest)