Paint, Paint, Paint!

As you know, the last month or so, we have been living in construction zone hell. What started as a small leak in the LM's room, quickly turned into a massive renovation of our entire downstairs level. At first I was so incredibly angry when this all came to our attention, but quickly my frustration turned to elation, when I figured out that we would have new (better) floors AND because they had to tear out parts of the wall, I would get all new paint. That last part was music to my ears, and as you know, I went back and forth over whether or not we should paint our whole bedroom dark. Well, I went for it, and I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am with the final result. The paint itself, is gorgeous, showing different hues in the varying light, throughout the day, and I just love how it brings so much glamour to our bedroom. Whites pop, golds look more regal, even out crazy skateboard piece looks more calming with the dark walls. In short, I love it. In long, I llllloooooooovvvvveeeee it, and if you are on the fence about painting a room dark, my advice is GO FOR IT!

Okay, okay, so I honestly could talk about the paint all day, but instead I will let you see for yourself the magic that is Farrow and Ball, Downpipe. 

Did I mention that the inside of the closet is black? Oh yeah, when I tell you I went for it, I went for it, and it paid off in spades! I now kind of think we need all white bedding (I'm going to have to gently spring that one on my husband) but you get the idea. If you have the space and light dark = awesome!

Tomorrow, I'll show off my new favorite room the the house! The Little Man's!