We finally made it home late Monday night, and a some point in between squeezing my kids, putting my house back together, and tackling my 20 page to-do list, I remembered I had a blog! Oops! If I didn't have to wake Gray to go pick up the LM in 10 minutes, I could give you a real update on the house, but since there aren't enough hours in the day today, I'll have to just leave you with two awesome things that happened in our home while we were gone. 

First, the Hicks are here! I couldn't love them any more, and once the tile is in I'm pretty sure I will be wanting to sleep in my kitchen!

Second, this happened to my staircase! I've been pleading with my carpenter extraordinaire to paint chevron stripes up our staircase, and after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (all his) the final product turned out better than I could have dreamed! 

This is the same guy who also changed Gray's nursery by adding those yellow stripes! Yes, he is my home design hero! If you live in Mass, and have any painting/ carpentry project that needs a magician (big or small), email me and I'll be happy to share his info!

I hope to be back to business as usual tomorrow! 

P.S. How about this amazing Spring like day? Please sir, can I have 100 more? :)