Gray + Food.

 For the most part, Gray is a pretty easy going kid. Sleeps well, plays well by himself and with others, is very affectionate, happily sharing kisses with those around him, and for the most part, he just goes with the flow which most definitely involves more time in the car than he would like. Like I said, pretty easy going. The one thing that we have learned in the past year, is that Gray does not tolerate when you mess with his meal times. This may seem obvious for some kids, but when your first born sees eating as a means to an end (i.e. the faster I eat, the faster I can get off this table) you get used to having dinner sometimes at 6, or 7, or 8... honestly, the kid has never once in his life asked to be fed. Gray, on the other hand needs to eat exactly at 8:00am, snack at 10:30-11, lunch at 12:30 and dinner at 5:30 on the dot... with a few more snacks thrown in just for fun. At first this exact schedule was kind of annoying, but lately, we have been happily obliging him because of the simple fact that he just loves to eat. Loves it. He will eat, and enjoy, almost anything and everything. He sometimes reminds me of Anthony Bourdain, the way he moans, smiles, slurps his beverage, tries to have a conversation with you about what he's eating. He prefers anything served tapas style, the more variety the better, and if you have food anywhere near him, don't think you will get away without sharing some of your plate. The whole thing really is hysterical. 

The other night, he was having a moment with some bread dipped in vegan meatballs, that my hubby was lucky enough to capture on film.

I mean, have you ever enjoyed eating anything that much? Certainly not vegan meatballs! What can I say, this kid just loves food! It's about time we get a chef in this family...