A Little More on the House.

 Okay, hands up... who's sick of hearing about our house? haha I share your pain, but since I live with it everyday (no pun intended) please indulge me a little but more. 

So, while we were in Costa Rica, we heard back from the schools we applied to for the Little Man, and  the VERY good news was that he will be attending his (and our) "first choice" in the Fall. This is obviously great as far as his education goes, but, for us, it also means that we will be staying put in this house for the near/long future, not wanting to overburden ourselves with too many financial commitments. We had pretty much decided this over the Summer, when we decided not to build the house around the corner... but the school piece just solidified the decision. 

Which means only one thing. 

We ABSOLUTELY need a guest room. 

During this whole construction phase, while my in-laws were here we played a round of musical beds, and considering the air bed's propensity to deflate when we have out of towners on it, this need couldn't be more glaringly obvious. While our place is not teeny tiny, it is only 1700 sq feet, and with 4 of us, and all our stuff (read the kids' toys) it does seem a big daunting, the idea of giving up an entire room, so it can remain somewhat empty for most of the year. I decided that this doesn't matter... it has to be done.

You all know that I've been considering moving the boys together for some time now, and I've decided that time will be early next year. The two will be more than ready to sleep together, and the LM has already been asking when his baby bro can move in. That part is the easy piece. The LM"s room is more than big enough for two twins, and by moving Gray down, it means we will all be on the same floor for sleeping. For some reason that brings me quite a bit of comfort. 

The challenge lies in deciding to to with what is now the nursery, given its small size, and, let's be honest, the fact that there are yellow stripes across the damn ceiling... and no, getting rid of the stripes are not an option, I am so freaking attached to those things, I swear that ceiling will be cut out and placed in our next home, if I have my way!)

Well, as with most things around here, once I get me head around the design of the space, I quickly (and wholeheartedly) embrace the idea, and then start counting the days until it's done. Since I had a little time on my hands while we were on vacation, I decided to look at bedding options that would/ could make yellow stripes look grown up (as if that's possible) and when I stumbled upon this headboard/ bedding set, I was pretty sure that they had to have designed this specifically for our room, it was so perfect!

Picture this...

In this room.

I think it will look amazing!
(Psst the stripes are actually much more mustard in person)

There you have it. Decision made. 

Chez Anderson will soon be able to accommodate guests, the boys will be sharing a room, and the LM and Gray will be at a great school, and I will be out of rooms to decorate. Which means you will be spared the constant house posts ;) after, of course, I share the new paint pictures next week! 

Oh, and we start taking reservations in the Fall ;) 

P.S. Sorry about missing the Weekend Links this week. As luck would have it, as soon as the last curtain was hung, both kids came down with the croup. Funny how that ALWAYS seems to happen! Hope you all are having a nice, albeit cold weekend!