Weekend Links.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! In case you didn't hear, or were living under a rock for the last few days, Boston is set to get hit with an EPIC snowstorm in just a few hours. I, for one, could not be more excited! I know, I know, we are all supposed to be panicking and buying out the food from every aisle at the grocery, but as someone who has now been an east-coaster for over 12 years, I've learned that as long as you are safe, and inside, these things really can be a lot of fun. My little man (and husband) are pretty much jumping out of their skin, having waited over two years for a storm of this size! Our sleds are dusted off, snow clothes cleaned and ready, and Saturday morning you can bet that there is going to be some serious shredding done but the Anderson family. 

Here are a few links from around the web to keep you warm and toasty while you watch the snow fall. 

This made me laugh out loud, and is spot on when it comes to the media coverage around here!

In his spare time, my husband wrote a book. It's too bad I can't understand a word of it. 

The must have snow boot. I may only wear these a few times a year, but every time I slip them on, all I can think is thank goodness I have them!

In case shoveling snow isn't enough of an exercise, this 15 minute workout from Goop is awesome! I turned my mom on to it, and she's been sore for days!

This is such a great read about the dining habits of french women v New Yorkers. Turns out French women can get fat too ;)

Continuing with my denim obsession, these jeans are haunting me. Pure perfection. I can promise you that they will be my first purchase when my year of not shopping is up. 

Speaking of ombre, I wonder if this at home coloring kit does what it says? I would be too chicken to try it, but I love the look!

Last night we watched Bourdain's Layover in Seattle, and now I am dying to have a party with a "real" cheese plate. This really simplifies things!

My friend sent me this a few months back, and I swear I have read it about a dozen times! Such a great reminder!

In case you appreciate the holiday more than my love, here are a few gifts that any lady would be happy to receive. *feel free to email to partners everywhere!

forget chocolates, the key to a woman's heart is always in a macaroon

a cd to melt her heart (pssst my mom is going to see him on Valentine's day! Me = Jealous!)

P.S. My bestie and I JUST figured out we were in the same sorority in college! How cool is that? Go ΑΧΩ! 

Oh, and for God's sake, stay off the roads! Thundersnow is no joke (and may just be the theme of my next Halloween costume ;) Happy snow day! BE SAFE!

(photo via my pinterest)