Weekend Links.

 Hello Friday! What's happening in your world? Today is "the best day EVER" according to the LM, because after school his "girlfriend" is coming over for a play date and dinner. Santa has nothing on this girl, and I've never seen him more excited about anything in his life. My husband again has to work quite a bit this weekend (poor guy) so we have another dinner play date lined up tomorrow, and Sunday I'm taking my big dude skating in New Hampshire. You know, that I didn't even know the Superbowl was this weekend until a few hours ago? That shows about how much we watch football. I went to law school in Baltimore, so I guess, go Ravens? Hope you all have something super fun planned, and if you are watching the big game, have a few beers for me!

Here are a few links from around the web to kick off your weekend! (no pun intended ;))

This song!!! I have BEEN obsessed ever since I heard it on last week's GIRLS. Which, by the way, was by far the best 30 minutes I've ever seen on TV. Sunday nights are my new reason for living.

I just received this new iPhone case, which is the coolest one I have ever owned. Too bad it came the day AFTER my boys dropped and cracked my phone. FAIL. Psst mine is black.

The Loeffler Randall spring shoe collection is out. I'd get these or these if I wasn't holding strong on my pledge.

What a great V Day manicure.

... and this sweater perfect for the big day! I actually got these patches a few months ago to fix my favorite sweater, and plan on wearing it for my boys on Valentine's day!

Now that the velvet couch is almost a done deal... my next question is how many nailheads and where. ;)

I've been making this salad every day this week. It tastes almost like a Cesar, but much healthier!

Now that we are getting the tile, I've decided to forgo this wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom (for now). I honestly had no idea how expensive wallpaper installation is, and how many rolls you need. It sure makes me appreciate it a lot more when I see a whole room done in it. This would be the dream! Yowza!

I've been seeing chic women all over the internet wearing baseball caps as a fashion accessory. At first I thought it looked odd, but now I'm really in to it. 

This is so true for me. I feel like 2000-2010 didn't really exist. 

I need to do some serious work in Gray's closet. It's pretty small, but I would love for it to look like this when I open it. I swear we have the exact same built-in design.

I've never been very good at dying eggs, but I would LOVE to master this, this year. Almost too pretty to eat!

P.S. The above quote made me laugh, because it's something I totally would have said! (just not this year, of course ;))

TGIF party people!