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Trend I'm Loving: Cut Out Dresses.

 Just when I thought I was making some real progress on my shopping challenge, the new Intermix catalog arrived in my mail yesterday, and my jaw hit the floor when I laid my eyes on this:


What is there to say, really? It's a perfect dress. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Totally impractical? Yes. Even more impracticable for a mother of two boys? Yes, and yes. Does this fact in any way negate its perfectness? No, no no! So, after I was able to catch my breath, and let the voice of reason set in, I decided that I would rather prove that I can go a year without shopping, than have the most amazing dress on the planet, and instead of purchasing, I taped this picture to the fridge, so so I could have a bit of its beauty in my life every morning. 

Le sigh.

Alas, the dress will go to someone else, but I have to tell you that I am totally and completely in love with the current cut out trend. Totally. What once was reserved for "dancers" and ladies of the night, has somehow reinvented itself as in a very sophisticated, dare I say classy way, and I am absolutely in love with any dress that provides a sexy peek-a-boo patch of skin. In case you weren't crazy like me, and are looking for that perfect way to update your wardrobe, might I suggest any one of these sexy little numbers?





 Oh, and clearly all the celebrities got the memo. Pure cut out perfection.

Did I mention that Gwyneth is also a fan of the cut out? Let me tell you, if I had her body, I probably wouldn't ever wear clothes again, but considering that she is the messiah, if she wears it, you know it has to be good.

All I can say is that I hope these are still popular next year, because this is something my wardrobe is definitely crying without!

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