This Is My House: Part II

Just when I thought things in our home couldn't get any worse, on Friday morning BOTH kids woke up with double ear infections, the LM was sent home from school sick, and for almost two days the 4 of us lived in a home that looked like this. 

I.Can't. Even. Deal.

Luckily for us, we were able to beat the snow on Sunday and very happily got the hell out of the construction war zone. The boys couldn't have done better during our travels, and thankfully (with the help of some ibuprofen) their little ears didn't bother them too much on the plane.

Traveling with two kids has its challenges, but I have to say that right now being as far away from our home as we can be, is a good thing. Made even better when I got the call today, that we are already 4 days behind schedule and that our waterproofer decided the job was too small for him last minute, so he just never showed up. Me, being in Maryland, means that no one gets punched in the face, and that is a very, very good thing.

I'm trying to look on the bright side of this whole ordeal (there has to be one, right?) and since the guys have to repaint every surface anyway, I'm taking this opportunity to change some paint colors. 

The LM's room will soon be this beautiful shade of blue/ gray:

Farrow and Ball Parma Gray
and in my room, I'm going with this:

Farrow and Ball Downpipe
Right now, I think I'm sticking with an accent wall, but this picture of Jenna Lyon's former bedroom always makes me want to paint the whole room dark. Way dark. The only thing holding me back is the fact that we are street level and the last thing I want is a dungeon like room BUT I know accent walls are kind of running their course.

Do you all have any thoughts? Whole room? Accent wall? Know a good waterproofer? Want to punch someone in the face for me? Know how I can get that white fireplace to magically appear in my bedroom? Can anyone convince my husband that once you go dark, you never go back?

Anyone... anyone...