DIY EASY Lucite Tray!

 Let me start this out by saying that I am not one for DIY projects. Sure, I find inspiration and projects online, but unless it involves just paining, the majority of my home fixer uppers are done by my very hardworking, and talented carpenter. So, when I say a DIY project is easy, you can definitely trust me on this one and/or rely on your 5 year old to get the job done. 

So, a while back, I found this insane lucite tray, through this equally awesome blog post about how to make an at home bar. I LOVED the tray, but was completely unwilling to throw down that kind of cash on something that is basically a piece of plastic. I also have to say, I am a huge fan of making vignettes on lucite trays throughout our home, and luckily enough I had a few from here, that I picked up on the chhheeeaaappp last year. 

As I was gawking at the gorgeousness that was the original tray, I began to wonder if this was something I could do myself. Sure, it isn't quite as professionally done, BUT if you do it my way, then you can change it out whenever the mood strikes, for under 10 dollars, and then you can pat yourself on the back for saving 800+ dollars, while you and your friends have a wine party on your new tray and talk about all the people who blew their hard earned dough on something  that you did for 30 bucks!  Uh huh, now you're with me. ;)

Since I am not a regular DIY'r, I didn't take those awesome pictures as I went along, but I can tell you that if you take this


+ this


+ this


you can end up with this!

Yep, it's that easy!

In case it's not, you pick out your favorite paper (Paper Source is my absolute go to) and put the tray on top. Trace out the size you need to cut, and place the paper UNDER the tray (this way you don't have to worry about spills.) Place one CLEAR glue dot in each corner of the tray. Lay the paper on top, flip over and viola you have your very own custom lucite tray.

I know it's hard to see in the picture, but I went with this Japanese wave paper, because I'm trying to incorporate more gold in to our room (as an aside, I'm kind of obsessed with mixing metals right now) but I'm thinking in a few months I may switch it out for something with a little more pop (read neon.) That really is the beauty of this project. You could do a party tray with seasonal paper underneath, or a bar... really the possibilities are endless. 

For me, I think my dresser is "officially" tchotchked out (sans a gold frame I'm waiting on for the middle) meaning that if I bring one more thing in to our room, my husband is going to loose his mind.* 

There you have it. An actual DIY yourself project from moi! 

*Geesh, men really don't understand layers, do they? Don't even get me started on our pillow fights. Yes, a fight over how many we have in the house. Don't think the man hasn't counted them!

(for some reason the paper in the above photo looks bubbled in the corners, but I can assure you in real life it is invisible, just in case you all thought I was losing my mind)