Snow, snow, snow! What else is there to talk about????? We have so much damn snow, I can't even remember what it was like to walk down a sidewalk without risking life and limb! While it was fun the first few days, and I do mean FUN, now that it has mixed with rain, it generally sucks, and I'm not looking forward to the next week of melt/ freeze/ melt/ freeze that we have in store. Oh, and at the end of the week I think we are getting MORE snow. Awesome. Oh well, this is what you get for living on the East Coast, we will all survive, although if school doesn't start soon I may have to re-think this one! Here are some pictures from the weekend that was. For all you West cCaters/ Australians... try not to rub in your warmer weather too hard ;)

 Pre- sledding homemade beignets...

... made for some very happy little boys!

Happy Monday y'all!