7 Asian Inspired Dinners.

We are in that part of Winter where I like to say mother f&*^er a lot when I walk outside, and at the end of the day there is nothing I seem to crave more than a hot meal. By hot, I mean *hot* and spicy. Lately, due to my Pinterest obsession, and the fact that my boys will only play quietly, and together, if I am in the kitchen, I have been cooking up a storm, and I now tease my husband that he got the personal Thai chef/ masseuse that he has always dreamed of. Okay, okay, I don't really give massages, but I make a damn fine bibimbap, if I do say so myself!

Here are 7 Asian inspired dinners,  in our current rotation, that are sure to warm you up on these cold Winter nights.

Thai Steak Noodles (I used pre-marinated teriaki tofu from Traders)

Dragon Noodles (I added some king crab the other night, and this was AMAZING!)


   Spicy Thai Noodles (again, great with tofu)

Stock up on ingredients, my friends... snowmageddon may be coming on Friday!!!!