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Who Knew.

 Who knew...

... that HBO's Girls was so DAMN GOOD? Okay, I think everyone in the world did, but I swear my sister and I tried to watch the pilot no less than three times, and each time we ended up turning it off somewhere around minute 15, asking "is there something we are missing here?" Then, on Friday, my husband and I tried it again and we loved it. Actually, I loved it, and he didn't hate it, and now it's Tuesday, and tonight we are already at the end of season 1. It's that good! The only problem is that my teeth now hurt, from cringing so much in each and every episode. Sometimes the scenes are so awkward, I'm actually thinking I will die before it's over, but at the same time I can't stop myself from laughing. Yes, people, that is the magic of Girls. If you have yet to give it a whirl, you just have to try to sit through the first few episodes. If only because it will make you feel so great about your life, and so happy that you are out of your early 20's. If you are still in that stage in your life, you have my prayers, I promise you soon it will end, and you may actually look back and find some humor in those years. Or not. Either way, you will be thrilled that you made it though!

Who knew...

... that you are supposed to massage Kale, if you aren't steaming/ baking/ sauteing/ grilling it. I did not, and therefore could not understand how people could actually enjoy eating it raw. A few weeks back my girlfriend mentioned that you are supposed to massage it first, with a little bit of olive oil, and not only does it remove the bitterness, but it also completely changes the texture. Completely. Since then, I swear we have had kale with every meal. I tried out this salad last week, and it was awesome. Now I actually prefer it over regular lettuce, and since I found you can buy it bagged at Whole Foods (meaning no stemming/ chopping) this is now my go to for lunch every day. 

Who knew...

... that those little tabs on the side of the juice box are for pulling up BEFORE you put the straw in. It allows for more room in the container, thus preventing the inevitable, stick straw in, watch apple juice explode everywhere, say expletive, apologize to son for saying expletive, clean up the sticky juice from every crevasse imaginable scenario that has played out in our home for the last 5 years. Okay, seriously, did you all know that? Shouldn't it say it somewhere on the carton. Maybe this is such common knowledge that it doesn't need to be said? Whatever. I clearly missed that section in my birthing class, and now that I know how to open the damn thing, my kids may have a chance of getting some juice again. 

Who knew...

... That you can get fabric covered headboards at Ballard Designs, that look almost identical to the ones that Serena and Lily make? I did not, and now I am psyched! Once Gray is in a big kids bed, I would like to do something like this in the LM's room, and I had my heart set on twin navy headboards, with nail heads. My only hesitation was making such an investment in furniture pieces that the boys would likely grow out of in just a few years (Dad is almost 6'4' and those boys are growing like beanstalks.) Now that I know I can get them at a fraction of the cost, I am totally going for it! 

Did you all know this? Anything you've recently discovered? Am I the only one living in a hole? A hole called motherhood with little two kids!

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