Weekend Links.

  Hello friends, sorry for the lack of posting this week. WE decided to act like grown-ups and hired a financial advisor at the same time that we are in the middle of a refinance, which means that I (me, and me alone) was in charge of finding 1,000,000,000 documents so that everyone would have what they needed. I pride myself on keeping everything, but locating it was a completely different adventure. That coupled with the 1,000 passwords that we needed to remember to access everything.... well you get the idea. I quickly learned that me + paperwork + deadlines would NEVER work, and my new fear in life would be waking up tomorrow... as an accountant. Eek. Thank goodness there are people out there who can handle that!

Anyway, the weekend is now upon us, and we are smack in the middle of what we like to call "family fun time." It started with a visit to Chuck E. Cheese, where we spent the morning looking for every strain of the flu in Boston (kidding, I hope) and we are ending it with a date ALONE to celebrate our anniversary. We aren't like most people, and our idea of a dream date involves a movie! My sister is babysitting, and we figured we could, and do, go to nice dinners all the time, but when can we go to dinner AND a movie? Never. Seriously, the last time must have been 6 years ago. So tonight we are grabbing sushi, and going to see something super romantic; Zero Dark Thirty. I'm actually really really excited. This date is second only to waking up and doing nothing for 4 hours but reading the New York Times in bed... just like the old days. Remember those mornings? Sigh.

Ah, well, c'est la vie! I hope you all have something wonderful planned this weekend. We have a warm front coming our way, and I can assure you, that tomorrow, the boys and I will be spending as much time as we possibly can in the 60!!!!!!! degree weather. If you have nothing planned, might I suggest a flu shot? I have to say, not to get one at this point seems borderline crrrraaaazzzyyy!

Here are a few links for those of you who will be lounging in bed tomorrow. Lucky bastards ;)

This oral history of Good Will Hunting is fascinating! What geniuses those boys really were/ are.

My new haircut looks exactly like this, and I LOVE it! I don't think I will ever go back to my long, long hair again!

After seeing this pin, I can't stop dreaming of these shoes. Gah!

We had a couple of these moments this week. I would sincerely like to apologize to my parents. 

Other than my rings, I am not a jewelry girl, yet I am kind of obsessed with these earrings

This year I am all about getting REALLY organized. I may start with cleaning the sofa. This tutorial is AWESOME!

Considering we go to about 50 birthday parties a year, I would love to make a bunch of these. Such a great gift. 

... and of course wrap the Lego's like this. So sweet!

Ever since I got back from NYC, I have been wanting to wear only clean lines... and black. How understated and stylish is this look?

As a former Cali girl, I HAVE to put this is my room. It is perfect!

I hate being such a stereotype, but this is spot on.

My SIL and I discuss this all the time! I would be a terrible dater in this day in age!

This is great, the TED talk equally so. Show this to all your daughters. (the line about the Senator is priceless)

P.S. Rag and Bone in Boston is having a huge in store sale. I was in the other day to exchange a sweater for my hubby and my heart almost stopped. 

Happy Saturday!