Random Randomness.

 I didn't realize it until my mom texted me last night, but apparently The Bachelor is back. Normally I would be like, "yay Monday nights are back on," and instead I'm meh. I think the Ben, Ashley, Emily disasters have cheapened the show for me (as if that's even possible) but that coupled with the fact that the main man is a blond, and as a blond I'm ashamed to say, blonde's just don't do it for me. That being said, you know I'm going to find my way to my DVR this week, so there is still hope for some Bachelor talk around here. HOWEVER, speaking of men that I do find over the moon attractive, I jumped so high I almost hit the ceiling when my hubby told me that Californication is coming back next week. Cue my renewed Karen obsession, and incessant talk about David Duchovny (swoon, double swoon, swoon again.)

Since we are talking about all things delicious, I have to tell you that I can't stop thinking about this mushroom pasta that I had at the restaurant L'Artusi, while in NYC over the weekend. It honestly is the best thing that I have ever tasted. Ever. I'm trying to sort of recreate it tonight, using this recipe, but topping it with Ricotta Salata vs Parmesan. I can only hope it is 1/10th as good as the original. If you ever in the area you HAVE to try this restaurant!

Oh, and don't even get me started on our weekend in New York. I've been to the city quite a few times now, and after staying with a friend in TriBeCa, I could finally envision raising kids there. That part of town is so family friendly, and kid oriented, my mind was literally blown. Our kids spent their days scooting up and down the empty sidewalks, hanging at the park and skate park, and eating very very well with our first trip to Shake Shack, and dinner at a place when they were served by "real" Ninjas. The Little Man hasn't stopped talking about it ever since! Beyond the amaziness of the city, and of course spending time with friends, my trip was made when we learned that Gray + a pack n play + a dark bathroom = 14 hours!!!!!! of sleep a night. Houston, I believe we have a traveler, which means things are about to get global. Fast.

Which leads me to travel. I did tell you this was random randomness, right? So, as you know, my husband and I have been planning a trip to Chile for quite some time now. I'd like to say a year, but really this has been in the works for as long as I can remember. We had been emailing a surf touring company that we wanted to use, and they were taking forever to get back to us. We started trying to map out the trip on our own, and were getting overwhelmed. Christmas, we began thinking of a totally different trip, to the Maldives, and were soon planning a week long boat trip cruising around uncharted surf destinations. And then we got real. Actually, my husband did. Obviously, we have all been affected by the Newtown tragedy, and for us it made us realize there there is no way we can be halfway around the world, without our boys. If they get sick, we just can't be floating on a boat in the middle of nowhere. With them? Yes. Without them? No. So, Chile, Maldives, Australia, South Africa... these are going to have a wait a bit, until Gray can handle the flight. Until then, it's going to have to be a mix of Europe, Central America, and the Caribbean. Yeah, things could be a lot worse. 

Now, we were back to square one on the travel front. I basically said, I don't care where we go, I just do not want to go back to the same place in Costa Rica. We are already spending a month there, again, over the Summer, and this will be our 15th (or more) visit. Don't get me wrong, I love it there, I was just kind of excited about the idea of a new adventure. We started looking at places like Panama, and Nicaragua, but long story short, we soon realized that no where was better than where we go in Costa Rica. The bottom line is, if we only get a week to ourselves, why risk it on a sub par vacation. Also, after some convincing, I get that this is not going to be the same vacation that it has been since the little man was born (and coming with us.) The trip itself is so easy, and the idea of reading, lounging, surfing, eating dinner at an normal hour, is so inviting, that I'm actually getting pretty pumped for the trip. Best part? We are three hours outside of Miami. Done and Done. We leave in early March, my in-laws get to spend the week cuddling with the kids, and I am already dreaming of sun and surf!

My last little tidbit has to be about Gray. Gray, my love bug. My buddy. My perfect little boy. These are words that I would not have used to describe my kid from age 12- 17 months. Dramatic, whiny, (dare I say slightly annoying???) squiggly... those would have fit the bill better BUT, something happened. The same thing that happens with almost all toddlers... one day they just wake up and they are nothing but lovely, a joy, perfection. This is what the last few weeks have been like with Gray. He has begun to talk, eat like a human, play independently, play with his brother, cuddle... you name it, man, he is doing it. AND IT'S WONDERFUL. Sure, I know we are going to have toddler moments, but his growing up has made my daily life so much easier (and way more enjoyable) that I almost have forgotten how hard the last few months were. Almost. 

Whew, there you have it. For those of you who didn't fall asleep, that's a little bit of what's been going on around here. I'd love to hear any of your random randomness that you would be willing to share!

P.S. Tomorrow I'm going to cut another inch inch/half off the hair. I'm obsessed and still loving my new look!