Weekend Links.

 ... and it's Friday. Around here we had another marathon week of appointments, doctor's appointments, play dates, and Christmas prep. To top things off I just realized that we are leaving for California NEXT WEEK! Eek, I have got to get my butt in gear. This weekend I plan on getting out those holiday cards, and trying to get a handle on everything we need for the big day, because getting back home, late on the 23rd, was probably not my brightest idea. While I may be dreading my to do list, the Little Man is jumping out of his skin, because tomorrow we plan on getting our tree! I have to say I'm pretty excited too, considering this is the first year that both boys will really be able to get in to the decorating part. Well, maybe not Gray, but he is going to have a blast trying to pull down everything we put up! I hope you all have a great weekend, whatever your plans are. Here are a few links to get your weekend started. 

A song to get your weekend started. This came on the other day and I was glued to my seat until it was over.

The top baby names are out, and I'm feeling a bit unoriginal now that Liam is #4. Who knew it would become so popular?

How great is this easy DIY garland? Too bad it's sold out. I will definitely plan on doing this next year.

My SIL turned me on to this website. What a great way to give during the holidays without spending a dime.

My new obsession www.houzz.com  I could spend hours on this site (thanks Jared!)

Easy holiday cookies, that I'm pretty sure even the worst baker could figure out (quietly raising my hand)

This iPhone case is so awesome! I may have to add it to my Dear Santa list.

More christmas tree photo settings.


I'm totally giving this to my bestie! Whether or not she will wear it is a different question!

I'm thinking of making this salad for x-mas eve dinner. It looks so good!

This would be incredible in a master bedroom!

See you all Monday!

(Photo from here)