Gift Guide 2012: Host and Hostess

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1/ this print would be such a great gift for any uber stylish host or hostess (and it just so happens to be at the top of my wish list)  2/ i love the idea of giving a movie and a box of microwave popcorn, so your hosts can relax the day after the big event... this Bob Marley documentary is sure to please anyone  3/ a custom made set of mugs (just use a sharpie and bake at 350 for 15 minutes, and a box of Starbucks VIA's (this flavor is my current obsession with unsweetened almond vanilla milk; try it!)  4/ a Ryan Gosling coloring book (yes, please!)  5/ who doesn't love a new cookbook? this one is getting rave reviews  6/ a bubble gum scented candle for the lady who has everything  7/ funny hats, saying what we all are thinking  8/ i know, i know, I've mentioned this book before... but it is just so awesome, and sure to be a favorite of any host!  9/ for the chic hostess, a little taste of Paris  10/ amazing stacking dishes (and under 25$!) that are perfect for the bathroom, bedroom, or dining room table (I have it on good authority a little Elf may be getting me the yellow!)  11/ what could be better than a personalized note set? how about a personalized note set for 10$?


Happy Shopping!