Well, hello there Monday. Where did you come from... and why do you always come so damn quick? My plans to get my act together and trim down that to do list, were derailed by a 1) mystery fever for Gray, and 2) ear infection for the LM which meant a lot more time cuddling in the rain, and a lot less time running around town. Hmmmm, looking back, maybe this was not such a bad thing? Even though we were dawn a man or two, we still managed to get our tree, and to my amazement the LM decorated about 90% of it. Child labor = awesome. Surprisingly, we even snuck in a family dinner, which is always the highlight of my week. Of course, all that fun comes at a cost, and I'm pretty sure I will be paying it all week, until we leave for sunny (I hope) California on Sunday. Here is a little of what we were up too this past week or two. As you can see we are in FULL holiday mode 'round these parts!

Getting crafty.

BOTH kids cannot stop watching skateboarding. I'm pretty sure they aren't blinking/breathing either!

Date night with Mom, learning how to play hangman (minds were blown)

A little convo with the big guy, Guinea Pigs were the topic of discussion (yep, that's still happening)

 Obligatory cooking making.

... and Christmas list writing. 

Christmas tree shopping in the rain.

Trying out the hurricane simulator at the MOS.

Tis the season.

The two week countdown to Christmas is on... eek!

P.S. Happy happy Hanukkah to those of you who celebrate!