Weekend Links.

TGIF! I have never been more excited for a Friday in my life. Tonight, my sister is joining us for dinner and my husband is FINALLY home after a week long work trip. This weekend the boys will be doing some serious bonding time (aka leaving mom alone a bit) and I am going to try to get some wrapping done. Do I dare tell you that I've finished my holiday shopping, all the way down to the stocking stuffers? No? Okay, then I won't ;) Hope you all have a great weekend! If you have a chance I'd love to hear your thoughts on the gift guides, I hope they are helpful for those of you who still have a long list to tackle!!! 

Here are a few things that peaked my interest this week.

I'm pretty sure it's not Christmastime until you hear this song at a Starbucks. I was stopped in my track when I heard it Wednesday! Even cuter, Gray started to dance. This is my favorite version. (ignore awkward video)

The LM has morphed into this guy, with red and green fingernails, Rudolph on repeat, and syrup for breakfast (with waffles) every morning. Someone is DEFINITELY in the holiday spirit. 

I can't get the last line of this post out of my head, what an inspirational family!

How good does this soup look? I'm going to have to make up a pot this weekend.

I saw these after I posted the LM gift guide, so great!

If this is what almost 50 looks like, sign me up! Damn girl!

I can never seem to figure out how to take a picture of the Christmas tree, I'm definitely trying this!

I'm kind of obsessed with this tumblr (maybe it's because I look so bad in hats. The Drew Barrymore picture is so awesome (yes, yes smoking = bad)

All of you need to stop it with your awesome and creative Elf on the Shelf pics. My stomach can't handle any more laughter. These are great.

This has been making the rounds, and I had to share. I will not have another baby, I repeat I will not have another baby BUT if I do, I'm totally doing this ;)

I REALLY want to wallpaper our upstairs bathroom. I'm thinking #9

See you all Monday with gifts for your little ladies!

(photo via Pinterest)