Weekend Links.

 Happy Saturday everyone! What do you all have planned? Daddy has to work all weekend, which means the boys and I will be logging in some serious time together. Today we are heading to Drumlin Farm. I've never been, but it should be a blast! Who else dreading the time change tomorrow? It just means that all the work I did, getting BOTH kids to sleep until 7am was totally in vain, and we will again be on the 6am train. This is one week that Monday cannot come fast enough. Our thoughts are with all of you, still without power. Hopefully, the reports are true and you will be back online tonight. You are constantly in our thoughts.

Here are some links from around the web to go with your morning coffee. Stay warm, friends.

My new favorite song. What a great cover!

Red cups are back!

You know, both my Little Men need this.

More Vans.

What a great hat... and only 20$!

Get ready for Winter!

Another sweet treat, and a great way to get rid of that Halloween Candy. Our bucket seems bottomless.

I'm considering putting the boys together. The idea of a guest room is dreamy. 

This cookbook arrived two days ago and I can't stop reading it. I plan on making everything!!!!

Speaking of cooking, I made this and this and both were amazing. I'm not how I ever made dinner before Pinterest.