Trick or Treat!

Last night, we stuck with tradition, and had another amazing Halloween, done the way that only Boston can. Even though it was our 4th year, I am still so blown away by how accommodating a major city can be, especially to it's smallest inhabitants. Every year we start the night off at Clarendon park, for pizza and hayrides. From there we slowly make our way down Marlborough street, trick or treating our way to Beacon Hill, which a dusk becomes quite the chaotic scene. By chaotic I mean, kids running everywhere, candy flying,  and haunted houses galore kind of chaos. In short, it's perfect and it's every thing Halloween should be. Here are some pictures from what is always my favorite night of the year!

Starting off right with our best buds and a hayride around the block. Our crew is slightly smaller after the 3rd in my Three Amigos moved to NYC in the Fall :(.

My hero... 

A little something before the sugar rush. 

My BFF and I, getting in the spirit. 

My Little Man mesmerized by a haunted house with "real" actors. Anytime anyone would walk up, he'd shout "those guys are real!"

Candy, candy, candy!

... and the little hulk, who took the whole thing in from his stroller. Next year he will be climbing those stairs right along with his big bro!

I hope you all had a great Halloween!