Thanksgiving Links.

 It's that time of the year, and tomorrow we embark on our annual trip to Grandma's house! Over the river, and through the woods... to Maryland we go! Gray and I stayed home last year, given my fear of traveling with a 3 month old, so I am extra excited, because he finally gets to meet the whole family!!! Our plans for the week include fishing, fort building, cap gun shooting, tractor driving, and, of course, egg nog drinking! Thanksgiving doesn't get more traditional than it does with my husband's family (hay bale pictures included) and after 10 years, I couldn't imagine spending the holiday any other way!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you are able to share some turkey with the people you love! Here are some links to get your holiday started a little early! See you all next Monday!

I've been having a Lyle Lovett moment. (my mom would be so proud)

What I'll be reading while the kids are running around in the woods. I am dying to start!

Another great haircut! I'm still LOVING my shorter hair!

How cute are these loafers? I heart them.

This kid kills me. Are we sure he isn't mine?

A bunch of you asked where my faux fur vest was from... you can get it here.

The perfect Thanksgiving breakfast, that you prepare the night before. Genius!

More gold nails

This is what Santa is bringing me this year. I bow down. 

Pajamas are the perfect gift, and it doesn't get any better than these.

What a great idea for those of you who can't fit a tree in your home! Wish I thought of this years ago!

Finally, a real letter from Santa. I'm definitely doing this for my Christmas obsessed little man! (he already has his nails painted with red and green sparkles!)

(Photo via Rue Magazine)