Holiday Sparkle.

 When it comes to holiday dressing, I, for one, am a HUGE fan of the sequin. I mean, since you can't dress like a Christmas ornament 365 days a year (why, I'm not quite sure), isn't it only fair that Thanksgiving through New Year's Day you are allowed to wear as much sparkle as one can? I know, some say sequins at Christmas/ New Years are too predictable... but I'm sorry, sequins are just where it's at. ESPECIALLY when they are done in an unexpected way. Do a little, do a lot... do it from head to toe. Just do it. Paired with a chunky knit? Perfect. Boyfriend chinos? Perfect. On a bag, with a sequin dress in a different hue? Double perfect. On a pair of shorts? Yep, perfect. The point is, you just can't go wrong with a little sparkle. For me? The more the better!

Here are a few of my picks for the upcoming holiday season. Remember, don't ever let anyone dull your sparkle! This goes double for your holiday wardrobe! (click to enlarge)


P.S. Those gold pants are killing me. #someoneinvitemetoapartyrightnow