His, Hers, and the Closest We Will Get To a Warhol.

 Remember back, when I couldn't decide what to do on our bedroom wall? Well, we decided to go a completely different direction (although that Slim Aarons is totally swoon worthy and will someday be in our home office) and we made an art piece out of a skateboard series that Andy Warhol recently released. I realize that this is not what one would typically think of for a master bedroom, but we love the final result, and there is a little boy in this house who now thinks we are a little cooler than we were before!

Here is the final product! 

As I was taking a few pictures to share with you all, I noticed something a bit different about each of our individual sides of the bed. My reading material consists of parenting, fashion, and home decor... 

and my husband's? 

Other than the surfing magazines, all I can say is GEEK SQUAD. I kid, of course, but damn that boy is smarter than I will ever be! I'll have to hurt you if you ever tell him I said that ;). 

What do you guys think, have you used anything out of the ordinary in your home? I'd love to know!