Gift Guide 2012: For Baby

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1/ Baby shoes that any little guy or girl would be happy to walk in (mom too!)  2/ Ikea does it again with their rocking moose, you can get it here to avoid the insanity that is their store  3/ a personalized baby blanket that happens to be budget busting but also so freaking amazing it makes me cry a little  4/ my favorite sweater of all time  5/ equally as cute is this little hipster romper  6/ one of my very favorite baby presents was from fellow blogger Grams, and this one is just as sweet (check out her handmade girls dresses too!)  7/ how adorable is this pillow case? this is on my list for gray now that he's old enough for a pillow  8/ the most perfect onesie ever made  9/ you can't go wrong with classic wood toys, there's a reason that they never went out of style (both are from land of nod)

Up next, gifts for the little dudes!