I don't know about you all, but I couldn't be more excited that this election year is almost over. I wish I could say, "may the best man win," but I am so emotional (and stubborn) when it comes to politics, that I have just tried to turn off everything today, and ignore the fact that tomorrow, the world could look very different (well, in January) than it does today. What truly makes me sad, is that no matter what the outcome, 49.99 % of my fellow Americans will still feel differently. It seems like there never really is a winner, and tomorrow they will already be talking about the election 4 years from now. This is assuming, of course, that we even have a clear winner. Remember Bush v Gore? Ugh.

 Honestly, for me I think it will just be a relief when this is all over. This cycle, I feel it's been especially tough to keep quiet, given the constant discussion in the media, and insane chatter by my "friends" on Facebook. While I love that people are taking democracy so seriously, I hate that I now look at so many people, so differently. Sometimes ones deepest thoughts are best left in their own head. That is why I've made such an effort to keep quiet, and really only vented to those who beliefs align with mine. 

Yes, this is what politics in America has become. 

On that happy note, ;) here is a little bit of what we have been up to the last week. 

Gray LOVING the LM's old shark costume... NOT!

By request, flowers for his "girlfriend." 

 The LM made an "airplane" that he sat in for about an hour. 


Oh boy.

I hope everyone got a chance to vote today, I took the 2 kids around 12:30 and found the lines to be much smaller than this morning. We can't all agree, but at least we all can vote.