Bringing The Outside In.

The other day, I was leafing through the new Williams Sonoma catalog, when these stopped me in my track.

 It is my ultimate dream to have a garden, and one the the main reasons we were considering building a house. Now, it looks like we are going to stay in our condo for a few more years, and the waiting list for a spot in the community garden is 1,000,000,000 people long, so I had shelved the idea of a garden for the time being. However, after seeing these indoor gardens, all I can think is, what better way is there to bring a little bit of the outdoors in? Even if you are only able to grow herbs, what a great addition to any kitchen? The question, of course, is how well do these actually work? Knowing me, and my black thumb, I'm afraid I might be better off with something like this.

Have any of you attempted something growing a garden indoors? I would love to hear your advice. I also think these would make great x-mas gifts for those who, like us, can only dream of a backyard. 

... Speaking of backyards. If I had one, I can 100% guarantee you that I would have one of these babies. 

A chicken coop! Can you even imagine? I can't. The Martha Stewart in me, almost spit out her coffee when I saw this! 

If you ever told me that a garden and a chicken coop would be at the top of my lust list, I would have looked at you like you had three eyes. Yet, here we are. And I'm pretty sure you only have two eyes.

The dream continues...