Weekend Links.

 Summer has decided to show its face again in New England, and I for one, couldn't be happier. My brother-in-law is flying in tonight, and I plan on taking the boys to the Topsfield Fair tomorrow. Have you all been? We went last year and had the best time. My little man has been stretching all week, in hopes he can finally ride the "big" roller coasters. I'm not above padding his shoes ;) I hope you all have a great Fall weekend, whatever you plans! Here are some things from around the web that caught my interest.

A friend of mine posted this article on Facebook yesterday, and it brought me to tears. A great reminder to always stay in the picture.

The difference between privileged children and spoiled brats

The perfect everyday red lipstick.

How awesome is this shoe? I'm pretty sure you would have to wear it every day to justify the price, but whoa!

This is the most beautiful photo I have ever seen. I can't get it out of my head; true love. 

I bought this foundation brush from Sephora, and it is seriously the greatest thing in my beauty arsenal. I now know the trick to light and flawless coverage... it's all in the brush!

My favorite nail polish for Fall. I'm wearing it right now!

I just ordered this shirt for the gym. Too cute!

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