Tepees Are Back!

Before baby Gray's first birthday, I was obsessed with finding him this Tepee for his room.

I find gift giving for him difficult, and somewhat unnecessary, because he inherits everything from his brother. Having been the first child/ grandchild, his brother has amassed quite the collection of toys and sports equipment, that is now Gray's, so I feel like I am always on the lookout for the "perfect" gift for him. This would be something he can use for a long time, something he can share with his bro, AND something that we don't already have.

Enter the tepee. 

It's as perfect as a gift can get. It's something we don't have, something the boys can play in/ camp in/ live in for years, and it's so damn cool, that I kind of want one for my room. 

Then I tried to buy the one pictured and that baby was sold out. As in, you can't even get it on ebay, the etsy ones are a little over the top, why doesn't ikea make 10,000 versions of this,  kind of sold out. FOREVER. I went so far as to try to offer double to the Land of Nod Lady, who didn't bite, but under her breath whispered more are coming, just wait until we get closer to Christmas. 

I took this inside information, moved on and got Gray a globe for his birthday (thrilling I know) and continued to check Land of Nod on a weekly basis. 

Then... last week... I saw them.


I would have waited until Christmas to share this in my annual gift guide, except for the fact that they are already backordered until the beginning of December. Meaning, if you want one in Santa's sleigh, you have to act NOW. 

I'm torn between the orange and navy stripes (story of my life) but also thing the cowboy one is too cute to pass up. Throw in a few comfy pillows and I think this is pretty much the best christmas present ever. Let's just hope baby Gray agrees ;)

Tepees from Land of Nod can be found here. $149.00

 (Top photo, from here.)