Glasses... All The Cool Kids Are Wearing Them.

 I know I'm a bit partial, as a daily glasses wearer, but I don't think there is one thing that ups the cool quotient to any outfit, more than a good pair of glasses. From black tie, to a T-shit and cutoffs, I find that a good pair of chunky frames is the fastest way to 1) get a compliment, 2) look smarter, and 3) add instant style. This is why I was so psyched to find this website, that scours the internet for places to buy cheap (read awesome) glasses for 99 and below. Since I want about 10,000 pairs, I have a feeling this could come in handy! If you have one in your town, you should also check out SEE Eyewear. They always have great deals on frames, and lenses are forever included! This is my go-to for glasses in the Boston area. As I said, glasses = cool.

Now, go forth and get your geek on!

(Images via Pinterest and J.Crew)