Chile Or Bust.

The husband and I, are in the process of planning our annual romantical surf trip/ getaway from the kids... and this year I think we are going to Chile! I am so excited, because I have never been anywhere like this before. Our past trips were Maui, Fiji, and Paris... places that I could picture ahead of time, but Chile, well, I have absolutely no idea what to expect! I hear the water is cold (con) but the entire coastline looks like Northern California one hundred years ago (major pro) and other than that, I don't know anything! So, here is where you all come in. Has anyone been? Know anyone who's been? Any information would be greatly appreciated (and, of course, shared in return.) We are thinking of a guided tour through the southern coast, but we can't find any reviews online, so we really are going in to this blind. Our trip is slotted for late Jan/ early Feb (which is their Summer) and I know I'll be able to find some good wine ;) so all will not be lost, but eek... I think we may be in for a real adventure! 

More details to come!