The Time I Went To New York and Got a Tattoo.

I'm getting older. You know how I know? Well, last weekend I embarked on a fabulously, ridiculously, awesome trip to NYC to visit my SIL with my little Sis, only to hop a train back to meet my girlfriends for the most amazing Coldplay show EVER, here in Boston. In short, the weekend was three non-stop days of eating, drinking, dancing (think Beyonce in her Crazy In Love video, which what was going on in my head... not so sure if my body was follow suit.) The whole weekend was perfect. 

And I'm still recovering. 


 Last night I told my hubby that I must be sick/ getting sick, because there is no hangover in the world that lasts THREE days!!! He said, no, I'm not sick.... I'm just getting old. 

Damn... that's some hard truth right there.

You know how I know I'm not that old? Because I got a tattoo while I was in the big apple!!!!! It's something I've been dying to do for a while, and while it wasn't exactly impulsive (I knew the design I wanted) the idea hit me when we were an hour from the city, and I made the appointment then and there! My reasoning was, when am I going to have a few hours to myself with absolutely NOTHING to do, and the ability to get a few cocktails after to dull the pain? Plus, I've seen enough episodes of NY Ink, Saturday nights with my hubby, to know that if you want a tattoo... New York is the place to get it done. 

So I did it!

Here is the inspiration.

And the final result. Please pardon the scabbing (ewwww) While it is pretty noticeable with my shoes off, or in sandals, I strategically chose this spot, because when wearing ballet flats or heels, it totally disappears. I was a bit worried what my husband would say... I waited until I got home to tell him, but he was not so surprisingly cool about it, and secretly I think that he thinks it's a little hot!!! Win, win.

So, back to the recovery. Seriously, can one be tired/ hungover for three days? God, I hope not... because if this is any indication of what happens when you let loose for more than 24 hours, I'm not sure this old gal can handle it any more.... at least until next year!

Here is what we did for those of you looking for some cool places in New York, I recommend them all! The first night we were in town we went for drinks here, and dinner here. Brunch the next day was here, followed by drinks here, and here, and dinner here. Copius amounts of dancing was done here, and we spent the night (err early morning hours) here

Oh, and about Coldplay. If you have a chance to see them YOU HAVE TO GO! I've seen them outside, and now, indoors, and both times they were magical. Chris Martin is the true definition of a rock star. Swoon.

So that's where I've been. Not dying, but not quite alive. I'm off now to drink my 1,000,000,000 glass of water since I've been home. Here is a PSA for you all:

Alcohol = bad.