The Loooooonnnggggg Summer.

According to my Facebook page, today is national "kids go back to school day." I think 200 or so of my friends must have posted pictures, today, of their adorable little munchkins, dressed in their back to school best. I have two words for these people... I'm Jealous. For real. We must have missed the memo, because my Little Man doesn't go back to school for THREE MORE WEEKS. Gah.

It's not like I don't love having my kid(s) around, it's just that there comes a time when Summer must end, and I'm pretty sure that time is NOW. For me, it feels like we were in the jungle in Costa Rica some two years ago, and I'm pretty sure my kids have graduated since then, and are now off to college. Okay, that last part was a little dramatic, but I must admit that I'm having some difficulty thinking of ways to stimulate and engage a 1 and 5 year old... at the same time. The two kids are in opposite spectrums when it comes to play. Other than the park (which must have me on a time clock by now) and the wading pool/ library circuit, I am slowly running out of ways to keep everyone happy, and not drink all day. I kid about the last part, of course ;). I would love to have play dates with other kids, but you know what? Those kids are all in school or are still on vacation! grrr.

Ah, well, it's three more weeks, and I've come up with a few creative solutions to get get us through. This week the LM's skate instructor is back in town, and I've offered up my room (while my hubby is away) so he and the LM can get in some quality shredding, while Gray gets in some quality napping. Also, in two weeks my hubby and I are sneaking of to NOLA (a place I've been dying to go to FOREVER) and so long as hurricane Isaac treads gently, the kiddies will be able to finish off the longest Summer ever with their amazing grandparents, while I finish of a cold glass of wine on the bayou.

I saw this card and it had me rolling on the floor. This is for all of you parents/ caretakers out there who still have a few weeks of Summer left. May the force be with you.