High Five!

Happy 5th birthday to my Little Man, the love of my life.* You are the rock in my roll, the cream in my coffee, the PB to my J. For the past 5 years you have brought more joy to my life than I ever knew was even possible, and I can only dream of the adventures that we have in store over the next 5. You are the best son and brother that we could ever ask for, and the coolest"dude" I have ever met. Your smile and sprit is so contagious, and you have a unique ability to make everyone love you, just by being you. I am so happy to be your momma, and so blessed to have been able to watch you grow every day. I wish you nothing but love and laughter and happiness. Oh, and maybe, just maybe, you could stop growing so fast. Pretty please?

*(along with Daddy and Gracie of course ;))