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Scenes From a Birthday Party.

Baby Gray,* successfully turned one on Monday, and to celebrate we had a small party to commemorate his first year. As a treat, Grandma flew in to town, and his favorite auntie was there, along with a few of the neighborhood kids. Gray opened a few gifts, destroyed a cupcake, and spent the better part of the hour trying to figure out why everyone kept singing to him, and taking his picture. In short, it was like any other first birthday. A few tears were shed (mostly by the LM when someone else attempted to blow out Gray's candles) and just like this first year, it was over in a blink of an eye. After Gray went to bed, the grownups stayed for our first barbecue, and we toasted to the little guy with the big smile. 

* Now that he's one, can I still refer to him as a baby? "Toddler Gray" just doesn't have the same ring to it... maybe when he's 30 he can stop being the baby? Maybe...

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